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Our culinary team makes use of seasonal and local ingredients in their creative take on Mediterranean and Catalan favorites that dazzle on both palate and plate. Complemented by local wines and vermouths, our curated event menus deliver in both taste and authenticity to elevate any event.

Notes from Miguel García-Romeral, our Executive Chef

I was born in Madrid where I learned and developed the culinary arts. I moved to Barcelona in 2010 when I was given the opportunity to work in several Michelin-starred Restaurants like Cinc Sentits and Disfrutar among others, including luxury hotels. I love the minimalistic culture of the Japanese techniques while working with local products. I prepared these menus for you to taste the authentic local cuisine with a Mediterranean flair inspired by Barcelona’s eclectic flavours that will delight all your guests during your special occasion.

See you soon!

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