Our pillars


At Kimpton Vividora we value the things that make each of us unique and different. We encourage our employees and customers to be themselves. And we celebrate every person just as they are.

This includes the following:

  • Embracing a team who span more than 20 different nationalities.
  • We take gender equality seriously; in fact, various departments of our hotel are led by women.
  • Committing to working with companies who share our values. Illunion, for example, is a laundry management service where 40% of the workforce have a mental or physical disability.
  • Having regular check-ins with our employees to see how they think we’re doing. In our last survey evaluation, we achieved a 95/100 satisfaction rate!
  • Creating an annual fundraising campaign for the LGTBIQ+ community at risk.
  • Honoring Women’s Day celebrations through a brunch at the hotel restaurant, and a mural created with a local artist that pays tribute to women who have positively impacted the world.
  • Training the professionals of the future, including dual training projects promoted by the Department of Education.


When you are kind to yourself, you extend that energy to others, it’s as simple as that. Which is why we are 100% committed to offering a space that feels good in order to offer the best version of yourself. At Kimpton Vividora employees enjoy yoga classes on the terrace and a discount on health insurance that includes coverage for pets. Customers can rent bicycles and all rooms have yoga mats.


We believe we have a responsibility to the community and the neighborhood in which we live, to be pro-active in protecting our environment.

At Kimpton Vividora we are proud of:

  • Receiving the Official Certificate of Energy Efficiency issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya, according to the European Union (EU) Directive on WEEE (Directive 2010/31/UE).
  • Using solar panels as a source of energy and to heat the water.
  • Using LED lighting throughout the hotel, and sensor lighting in stairwells and public toilets, to minimize energy consumption.
  • Equipping showers and taps with aerators to reduce water consumption.
  • Ensuring both the hotel, and our offices, use recycling systems and are “paperless”.
  • Reducing single-use plastics in-room by using refillable amenities.
  • Regulating the temperature of the air conditioning.
  • Using freshly filtered water instead of bottled water.

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We aim to be an asset to our neighborhood and be engaged and inclusive in a variety of local activities.

  • Organizing a food collection campaign for the Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona during the Christmas holidays.
  • Collaborating with the Setba Foundation, which focusses on creating spaces for social inclusion, through the sale of the ‘solidarity’ rose on Sant Jordi’s Day.
  • Raising funds for the Acathy Foundation during Pride Month, which helps LGTBIQ+ people at risk of exclusion through the sale of a ‘solidarity’ cocktail.
  • Participating in the BCN Hotel Games 2022 – the ‘solidarity’ Olympics of the hotel sector – where we collaborated with the Trinijove Association who are dedicated to social and labor placements in situations of social exclusion.


Working for equality and social and occupational integration

Banc dels aliments

Fighting food poverty

Fundacio setba

Contributing to social transformation through culture and art


Creating Opportunities for LGBTIQ+ Migrants and Refugees