A new interpretation of neighborhood restaurants

Nestled along the lively streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is Fauna Restaurant, where the interior design evokes the warmth of Catalan bourgeois houses. During the day, natural light floods the restaurant through its large windows. At night, warm lighting fills every corner, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Drawing guests and locals alike through its expansive windows is GOT, located on the ground floor of the hotel. By day, the space buzzes as a bustling café serving freshly brewed “cafè amb llet.” As the day turns into night, GOT comes alive with conversations over natural wines, artisanal vermouths, and inventive cocktails.

If you believe a cocktail is best enjoyed with delicious tapas and dishes, paired with breathtaking city views, then you’ll love Terraza de Vivi, our rooftop bar and terrace. This outdoor space, dominated by an elegant designer bar, is adorned with stylish lamps, decorative elements, and abundant local vegetation. Choose a table, sink into a comfortable chair, or simply sidle up to the bar while taking in the stunning views of Barcelona at your feet.

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